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Water is one of the foundations of our existence. Bathing, drinking and washing, we are aware of it. However, it is also consumed virtually - in huge quantities. In great masses it is immensely powerful and swallows up, everything that gets in its way. But even if it stays away, it becomes uncomfortable for people. Both extremes are increasing. Swissveg investigates the causes.

Shrimp and fish produce large waves.

An ordinary household consumes about 2 to 5 liters of water per day for drinking, 100 to 500 liters are needed for everything else in the household, such as showering or washing, and 2000 to 5000 liters are needed daily to grow the food of an average family.


How dry areas can blossom again.

How the livestock pollutes our drinking water.

Empty nets, empty seas.

The overloading of bogs leads to a more sensitive environment.

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