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Meet Our Team

The Swissveg core team introduces itself.
Renato Pichler
Präsident und Geschäftsführer

Renato is one of Swissveg's founding members. He has been working full-time for the organisation since 1993. Renato maintains international cooperations and coordinates the V-label internationally. Having accumulated extensive knowledge on all things related to veganism over the years, Renato is an expert on issues of plantbased nutrition and acts as a speaker at various events. He also used his knowledge to write the book Veganize your Life!, which was published in 2015. Further, Renato is a board member of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) and of the foundation Das TIER + WIR, as well as a managing member of the association ProVeg Germany.

You can find an interview with Renato in the Tages-Anzeiger here and further information on him here.

Marco Eberhard
Vize-Präsident, Vorstandsmitglied

Marco is vice president and predominantly advocates for further popularizing the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle in Romandie.

Andrea Hilfiker

Andrea has been a Swissveg board member since 2020.

Beat Probst
Kassier, Vorstandsmitglied

Beat is our treasurer and has been a board member since 2021.

Simone Fuhrmann
Stellvertretende Geschäftsführerin

Simone is deputy managing director and team leader. She manages projects and is responsible for maintaining contacts with other institutions throughout Switzerland as well as internationally in German, French and English. Simone is also a board member of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU).

Karin Pichler
Administration und Mitgliederservice

Karin manages administrative matters around Swissveg members, patrons and magazine subscribers. She is also responsible for mailing and address management.

Marcel Bohnet
V-Label-Lizenzierungen und Buchhaltung

Marcel manages the V-label area and is in charge of accounting.

Beatrice Stahel

Bea is in charge of national and international V-label applications.

Martin Schaffner
Web Entwickler

Martin manages the Swissveg websites and other IT projects.

Evelyne Campana
Übersetzung Französisch

Evelyne assists with all translation into French.

Katherina Schäffner
Redaktionsleiterin Veg-Info

Katherina leads the editorial team of our magazine Veg-Info and takes care of the Swissveg app as well as the creation of new advertising and information material.

Levina Grogg

Levina is in charge of national and international V-label applications.

Christine Kammerecker
Marketing / Kommunikation / Kampagnen

Christine is responsible for marketing, social media and campaigns.

Amandine Chatellard
Übersetzung / Romandie

Amandine oversees Swissveg's French language information material both online and offline, and is the contact person for Swissveg Romandie.

Damaris Bölsterli
Marketing / Events / SEO

Damaris is responsable for marketing, events and SEO.

Ursula Staufer

Ursula is in charge of national and international V-label applications.

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