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Dans quelle mesure les pesticides sont-ils nocifs ? Et quels sont les liens entre le végétalien, l'agriculture biologique et l'utilisation de pesticides ?

Pesticides dans l'agriculture


Wie schädlich sind Pestizide? Und welche Zusammenhänge bestehen zwischen den Themen Vegan, Bio und dem Einsatz von Pflanzenschutzmitteln?

Pestizide in der Landwirtschaft

The storm in the water glass

The fact that the production of meat requires a lot of water is now known. By contrast, the danger that intensive livestock farming represents for our drinking water is only known to a few people.

Franziska Herren is the initiator of the petition "Healthy clean water for all". She has worked intensively on the topic of contamination in drinking water and is convinced: "The current animal husbandry in agriculture represents a high health risk for humans, animals and plants".

water glass