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So far, it has been thought that purine in the diet generally promotes gout. However, a new study lasting over 12 years now comes to a different conclusion: It depends very much on whether the purine acid comes from meat / fish or vegetable foods.

The research team of Dr. med. Choi observed 47150 men without gout preload for 12 years. During this time 730 men got the gout. 

Study participants who consumed the most meat received 40% more frequent gout than those with the least meat consumption. The difference was even more pronounced in the seafood / fish: 50% more frequently the gout was in the group that ate the most of it. 
Although the following foods are also known for their purine content, they did not increase the gout probability at all: legumes (including soy), beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach. Also the total albumen shot had no influence. 

This study once again proves that simply analyzing the contents of a food can not accurately determine its health value. Tables that list only the puric acid content of the food without paying attention to the completely different effects of plant versus animal sources are therefore useless for gout prevention. 

Once again it has been proven that the vegetarian diet is healthier, even if the analyzes of the food ingredients (at least with regard to gout) can not explain this.


  1. Dr. med. Hyon K. Choi: «Purine-Rich Foods, Dairy and Protein Intake, and the Risk of Gout in Men», New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 350:1093-1103, Nr. 11. (11.3.2004)

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