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Our new national campaign “Veggieday - Tasty Thursday” will be launched in 2021. We aim to set in motion the next step for increased climate and animal protection, throughout all of Switzerland!

With our “Veggieday” we encourage cities, municipalities, corporations and catering companies to keep meat out of their cafeterias on Thursdays. Instead, only vegetarian or vegan dishes are to be served on this day. Delicious, hearty and healthy – sure to please the lunchroom guests. We achieve a large reach of people in the canteens and can offer them a culinary expedition. We encourage people to discover, explore, be curious and, last but not least, to rethink. The many individuals who are already eating a meatless diet will feel reaffirmed and supported by the “Veggieday”: each Thursday its dietary embodiment will be the norm - and not the exception.

With the “Veggieday” we intend to, on the one hand, reduce meat consumption in Switzerland. On the other hand, we wish to encourage adolescents and adults to contemplate their own meat consumption. If as many people as possible embrace it, participate in it, find delight in it, question consumption of animal products, internalize “Veggieday” and pursue it of their own accord – all the way up to a vegan lifestyle - then we will achieve our goal.

The website will be published in spring 2021.


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