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Be Veggie for animals, environment and health

Be Veggie

for animals, environment and health


Everything you need to know about animals and our relationship with them.


Our body is our home. It is crucial we take good care of ourselves. We have compiled the most important information for a healthy and conscious lifestyle for you.


Anyone who would like to take a closer look at the use of our environment with regard to the production of animal products will find a detailed and critical examination of the topic here.

Animal friends

No animal should be exploited for the food industry. Help animals  eat vegan food and support us.


You are looking for a delicious vegan dish? Get inspired by our recipes.


Going out for dinner? You will surely find a suitable place on this interactive restaurant map.

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    Gülsha (Moderator)
    We should be part of the solution, not the problem.

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    Lauriane Gilliéron (Actress)
    Since my childhood, animal welfare has been very close to my heart. We give these sensitive creatures a voice and I am proud to stand up for them alongside Swissveg so that their right to ethical treatment becomes a matter of course for everyone.

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    Patrick Reiser (Coach)
    As long as the systematic slaughtering and killing of other species for one's own profit does not stop, the suffering caused will always fall back on humans. This is why I support Swissveg.

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    Patrick von Castelberg (Singer)
    I support Swissveg because Swissveg is committed to animal welfare on my behalf

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    Nora Jäggi (Weightlifter)
    I support Swissveg, because they are committed to a fairer world for animals and at the same time give helpful tips on a plant-based diet.

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