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The term 'livestock' makes it clear the purpose for which certain animals are used: for the benefit of humans. In reality, their characteristics and abilities are no different from those animals that we call "pets". Here is more information about how livestock are used and misused:


Empty oceans or full plates: what are the consequences of eating fish ?


Although animals can make us happy, certain recreational sports should be done with care.


Whether it's a chicken for meat or laying eggs, a goose, a duck or a turkey: poultry in general are not treated well.


Known as a pet, but the rabbit ends up more often in our plates as a roast. In many situations are breed in the saddest conditions. 

Life Span

To what age would farm animals live to if their lives’ were not cut short by being slaughtered?


The numerous species amongst the sea surely don’t have sensitivities.  And, if they do….?


Switzerland is indeed known as the land of excellence in dairy cattle and calves, but do we really know the satisfaction of our dear quadrupeds?


Who knows how intelligent pigs are, which for example, makes them so endearing. Living creatures that merit further study.


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