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Products of animal origin

Meat is a product upon which we depend on animals. There are also other products from animal origin as well as sports which require assistance from animals.

Milk is produced by cows. Is it impossible to give up milk for health purposes? What does the cow drink to grow and remain strong and healthy?

The vegan community does not eat cheese. Did you know that cheese is a product that is not always suitable for the ovo-lacto-vegetarian diet?

One would think that hens laying eggs is quite natural. But this is quite far from the truth in industrial egg production.

The use of known E emulsifiers in the food industry is more and more common. All E numbers are not problematic, but a few can hide their animal origin.

The death and reduced numbers of bees is becoming a real worry for our population. One reason is due to the industrialization of honey production.

Before buying plastic cutlery, it is a good idea to check how it was produced and then decide if reusable cutlery should be used.

Gelatin and fats are only two among the many wastes from slaughtered animal which are produced and processed in the food industry.

Leather is not only a waste in the meat industry. The production of leather is an established and lucrative economic sector.

Behind fur production there is an unimaginable amount of hidden suffering.

Sheep pay a horrible price for the production of wool.

There is hardly any sport that polarizes people more than hunting. Is there not an alternative to conserving the countryside without killing wild animals?

By their very nature, you would think that horses are made for riding. Passionate equestrians put this assumption to question.

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