Why support Swissveg?

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Why does a vegetarian organisation exist? Many vegetarians and vegans have difficulties to imagine why a vegetarian organisation is needed. So what exactly does Swissveg do and why should Swissveg be supported?

Swissveg is the largest association which represents the interests of the vegetarian/vegan population in Switzerland. Since 1993 the organisation gets involved in positive public relations to reduce the meat consumption sustainably and to promote a plant-based diet as an attractive and healthy lifestyle. A vegetarian/vegan diet should be accessible to everyone. Swissveg is the competence center for a vegetarian/vegan diet and is characterized by the sound knowledge and competent information and consulting in all different areas of a plant-based diet as well as by the organisation of several public event. The orgainsation is well established among experts as well as consumers to be the first point of contact for all kinds of questions concerning the vegetarian/vegan diet.

  • We support everyone who wants to eat vegetarian or vegan or who already does. 
  • We offer professional information and advice for all different areas of a vegetarian/vegan diet.
  • We speak up for vegetarians and vegans so that their needs are respected and taken seriously by the food industry.
  • We control the European V-Label in Switzerland. Thanks to this label it is possible to identify vegetarian and vegan offering in commerce and gastronomy. More information about the V-Label: www.v-label.eu
  • We vouch for the vegetarian/vegan interests  in political and economical institutions. We, for example, get involved in drafts of new legal texts to enhance our interests or we develop legislative proposals ourselves. Furthermore, we raise awareness within the food industry regarding the importance of controlled vegetarian products.
  • We fund, update and expand continuously our web site, on which you are right now. With more than 2000 pages, it is the largest and most-visited web site in German that devotes itself exclusively to a plant-based diet and its fields.
  • Our work is politically neutral.
  • We work independently of religious interests.
  • Every year we organize the largest vegan street festival in Switzerland: Veganmania.
  • We brought the fair Veggie World to Switzerland that is dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.
  • We organize information booths in different cities in Switzerland to reach a big public audience.
  • We support students and journalists in their research and work.
  • We publish for 20 years the most-read vegan magazine of Switzerland: Veg-Info. Every issue contains in-depths articles on current topics around the plant-based lifestyle. We also present new projects and our current work.
  • We publish a large range of information material (flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets) Available in the online-shop: fabulous! Der Vegan Shop Schweiz
  • Our members benefit from attractive reductions and discounts from our partners with the Swissveg-Card.

To pursue all these projects, every support is important - no matter if you are vegetarian/vegan or not. Even though the increase of people that want to promote a plant-based diet, the lobby of the vegetarians is still small compared to the lobby of the meat-industry.


The statutes can be read here: Swissveg-Statuten (in German)

Letzte Aktualisierung: 13.02.2017