Swissveg celebrates its birthday

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Swissveg ist 23 Jahre alt!

For 23 years, we have been promoting vegetarianism and veganism in Switzerland


Founded as the Swiss Association for Vegetarianism (SVV) on 8 August 1993, Swissveg has been commited itself for vegetarian and vegan interests in Switzerland since 2014. In 1993 there was no other independent organization that was committed to the spread of the vegetarian-vegan lifestyle in Switzerland.

For 23 years…

  • Swissveg is committed to vegetarian-vegan issues in Switzerland.
  • Swissveg cooperates closely with the vegetarian-vegan country organizations of Europe.
  • Swissveg is aimed at all and is not restricted exclusively to vegetarian or vegan people. Since the beginning of the association, it has always been the goal to address as many people as possible and to take all people a step further into a responsible diet.
  • the entire Swissveg infomaterial (homepage, magazine, brochures, etc.) is vegan oriented and the catering at all Swissveg events is carried out vegan, so everyone feels attracted by it.
  • Swissveg is active in the political and economic institutions for the vegetarian-vegan interests.


The milestones in the 23-year history of Swissveg can be found at



As in every association, the members are the largest capital as well as the supreme authority - they indicate the direction. Thanks to our numerous members, we can be heard at political and economic levels, and we can use our time to spread veganism and vegetarianism. In this way, we are advocating a more sustainable, healthier and more friendly world. More good reasons to become a member under this Link.

You are not a member yet?

No probpem! you can fill out the registration form and become a member immediately. This not only supports the veg. Movement of Switzerland, but also you receive the Vegi-Card, with which you can profit from attractive discounts in over 100 veg.-friendly shops. In addition, you receive the Veg-Info free of charge four times a years, stay up-to-date and have free access to the widest Info-Material material on all veg. aspects in the German-speaking world.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to our projects, which support you with a membership, patronage or a donation.

Our Projects:


Since 1996 the magazine «Veg-Info» has been published 4 times a year. It is the only Swiss magazine devoted entirely to vegetarian-vegan lifestyle. Each issue includes well-founded, well researched, exclusive articles. Since 1999, Veg-Info has also been published in French. The annual subscription costs CHF 33.- (included in the Swissveg membership fee of CHF 85.-).


Swissveg was the first organization to award the European Vegetarian Label starting 20 years ago, and to this day supports Vegi organizations in other countries with the introduction of such an independent, serious control over the label. It facilitates shopping for vegetarians and vegans all over Europe. Direct contact with the food industry allows us to influence directly on new developments of products. For more information, visit

Coachings for restaurateurs:

With this young project we train restaurateurs and / or canteen operators and show them how they can put more and more on sustainable (= herbal) menus.


We motivate cities and companies to introduce a vegetarian weekday into their catering offer.


Swissveg organizes the first vegan street festival in Switzerland every year - the Veganmania. This way, we bring the vegan lifestyle closer to the public.

Ginger groups:

Through the establishment of independent Ginger groups, we are also better represented in the regions. Under the link you will find a separate action group page for each region.


With the Swissveg membership card, our members benefit from discounted shopping at over 60 companies.

Go vegan:

Go vegan is aimed at all those who want to get comprehensive information about the vegan lifestyle. We offer two free information brochures. In the one the "Why?" Is treated, in the other the "How?" Of the vegan way of life. All information is also available online.

Diary advertisements:

As a counterpoint to the strong milk lobbies, we have summarized the most important facts about milk at

Social media:

On our Facebook channelsSwissveg,  Swissveg Romandie as well as on our Instagram-Account, we are constantly sharing news on new products, developments and let our followers have their say.


Our main page is www.swissveg.chand has been online for 20 years. It is (with its predecessor with over 2000 pages the first and most comprehensive page in the German language area on this topic. It covers all areas of vegetarian-vegan diet and lifestyle. The main elements of the site are:

List of restaurants:

The homepage contains the most extensive list of restaurants (and hotels) that are recommended for vegetarians / vegans:


The most important Swiss shops and online shops can be called up as a list or map.


The Swissveg-Infomaterial is available in the online-shop. (wird aktuell zu einem externen Shop ausgelagert)


For all events around the veg. life style in Switzerland (also from other organizations).

Recipes database:

Over 500 vegan recipes on

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