Goals and successes

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What has Swissveg already achieved in its more than 20 years of association?


  • Many journalists contact Swissveg whenever they want to know about the plant-based diet. This has led to the fact that in Switzerland only rare prejudices against the vegetarian-vegan diet are spread in the media.


  • Through our petition to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the vegetarian diet was first taken seriously. This led to the FOPH setting up a working group (in which Swissveg also had a seat) which deals exclusively with vegetarian diets. As a further result, for the first time the vegetarian diet was dealt with in detail in the Swiss Nutrition Report.

  • Swissveg has contributed to the official legal definition of the words "vegetarian", "vegan" etc: Swiss regulation on the labeling and advertising of food

For vegetarian/vegan Consuments

  • Through our contact with the food industry, we have been able to provide information and, in the case of wrongly declared foods, ensure that the declaration or the ingredients have been adapted.

  • Products with the by Swissveg controlled V-Label make grocery shopping easier.

Educational work

  • Die Swissveg Ginger Groups regularly carry out actions throughout Switzerland. In public places and trade fairs, countless passers-by could be familiarized with the plant-based diet - and many of them became vegetarians.
  • 2012 Swissveg brought the street festival Veganmania to Switzerland. Through the vegan street festival, many people are drawn to the easy and joyful way of vegan life style.
  • We inform the press/journalists and the public about the veg. view of things.
  • Through reader's letters we react to false and incomplete reporting and can do much to a correct picture about the veg. livestyle in the editorial offices and readers.


  • Swissveg offers the most comprehensive and at the same time most visited homepage on the topic of plant-based nutrition in the German-speaking world. For many years it has been continuously expanded and offered free to all interested parties.

  • The whole homepage is also available in French.
  • Apart from www.swissveg.ch, Swissveg is also involved in further web pages on various topics:

Information material

  • On all important topics, information material is being produced that has already been handed out to interested parties a hundred thousand times, thus providing a better understanding of the plant-based diet. All advertising material can be ordered at the Swissveg Onlineshop.


  • Swissveg always supports students, teachers and teachers who want to bring the plant-based diet into their school with well-founded information. This allows us to inform the young generation about the benefits of the vegetarian diet. Therefore Swissveg also participated in the creation of a vegetarian teaching tool.

  • Through the close cooperation with the vegetarian-oriented foundation for ethics in the classroom, we reach even more students with our information.

Animal protection

  • Although it is not precisely measurable, we hear again and again from persons who have ceased to work through our work, to eat animals, or to limit their meat consumption very strongly. This removes the economic base from the animal yield industry and saves much animal suffering. Every person changing to the vegetarian-vegan diet saves many animal life.


We have already achieved a lot, but there is still a lot to be done. We can only achieve that together! Join us and support us as a Swissveg member or activist.

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