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The V-Label is well-known and trustworthy

The V-Label, which is controlled by Swissveg in Switzerland, is very well-known among vegetarians with 81% and extremly well-known among vegans with 97%. More than 80% the of respondents trust the label. Only 3% state that they do not trust the label at all.  The V-Label is known by half of the total population making it the most popular among the labels for vegan or vegetarian products. In comparison, only 15% of respondents knew the vegan flower. Even among vegans only 80% and among vegetarians 34% knew it.

Customer demand - over a quarter want more vegetarian products

The demand for more veg. products, although the selection of products has already increased considerably in the recent years, is unbroken. 28% of the interviewees want a wider range of vegetarian products and 14% want more vegan products. Apparently also some meat eaters ask for a bigger selection of vegetarian products. 90% of the respondents buy the veg. food in the supermarket, followed by 67% who shop in specialized stores (multiple answers possible).

Letzte Aktualisierung: 05.04.2017

All figures mentioned were determined by the market research company DemoSCOPE in a representantive survey in January/February 2017 on behalf of Swissveg. 

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The first great survey which includes vegans.